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At Rich Coffee we are committed to sourcing the best possible coffees we can find, we are focused on procuring small lots of single estate coffees and creating simple seasonal blends with an emphasis on flavour, sustainable practices and traceability.

Our blend is showcasing South and Central American and African coffees and currently consists of Brasil, Costa Rican and Kenyan coffees. This simple blend provides a sweet harmonious and balanced cup with medium acidity and full body.

Tasting notes - Milk chocolate, sweet caramelised apples, almonds and rich red berries. 

From $16+ (250g)

This coffee comes to us from the Thunguri Coffee Factory, located in Kirinyaga county on the border with Nyeri county. The Kibirigwi Farmers Cooperative Society which comprises of 1115 members supply the factory. The main coffee varieties grown are SL28, SL34 and K7, also a small amount of Ruiru 11.This coffee was processed using the washed method then spread onto raised tables to ensure even drying.

Tasting notes - Pink grapefruit, red currants, brown sugar, clean and sweet with medium acidity and full body.

From $18+ (250g)

This coffee is from Finca de Dios, a farm owned by Ellen de Prentice which is nestled in the mountains of the Fraijanes region of Guatemala. This coffee is grown at an average altitude of 1700masl and consists of Bourbon and Caturra varietals, this coffee was processed using the washed method and then patio dried on the farm.

Tasting notes - Pears and caramel with a delicate honey like finish and a syrupy mouthfeel. 

From $18+ (250g)