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This Microlot was produced by, Edmundo and Libardo at la Cuvita Farm in Alban Town, in the province of Nariño South in Colombia. La Cuvita is located in a very steep sided canyon that runs down from the Doña Juana volcano to Alban town, giving a phenomenal micro climate that along with the volcanic soil of the farm help them to grow a great coffee.

Since 2014, along with Colours of Nature they have been researching the production of honey process coffees. Every year their coffee is getting better as they understand how to control the fermentation during the always changing climatological conditions, but in 2017 every single batch of coffee tasted great, reflecting how their effort has brought the desired results. This lot itself is a mixture of Variedad Colombia and Caturra. It was processed as black honey in a small set of paseras for about three weeks.

TASTING NOTES - Braeburn Apple, Passionfruit, Sweet Cocoa with full bodand medium acidity