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C O F F E E   D E L I V E R Y
We believe in doing our bit and reducing packaging is at the heart of this. So we have come up with the idea of being the milkman of coffee and want to offer you the convenience of having your coffee dropped to your home or office in Jars which can hold 250 grams of your favourite coffees. 
Since we have been open we have always offered our local wholesale cafe customers our coffee in large pails and not single use plastic bags which we think is the environmentally responsible thing to do so why not have a solution for coffee at home.
So how does it work?
To start we will be delivering Freshly Roasted Coffee in Jars every Friday in time for your weekend coffee needs.*
1. Simply grab a jar from us on your first order and we will pop it in to your letter box. 
2. On your next orders just leave your Jar in the Letter Box and we will swap it out for a fresh Jar of Coffee of your Choice!
*At this point in time we can only offer RE...UP! to the Wellington CBD post codes 6012, 6011, 6021, 6023, 6022.