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Seasonal Espresso

Rich Coffee Roasters

Seasonal Espresso


Our current seasonal offering for espresso contains two origins. We have a fully washed Colombian coffee produced by the Mill Agro Coop in Planadas, Tolima, grown at an altitude of 1500masl and consisting of Castillo and Caturra varietals.
To this we have added a Guji coffee from the town of Kercha using a natural method grown at an altitude of 1,900-2,100masl . The combination produces a super balanced espresso or a delicious at white depending on your preference.

Tastes like - Sweet apricot and stone fruits, milk chocolate, almond with clean acidity and medium body.

How we brewed

Dose - 19gm
Brew Temp - 94 degreesC Brew Time - 30 sec
Bev. Weight - 32 gm