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C O F F E E    C H E R R Y    T E A


 The process of pulping removes the seed from its cherry. When the seeds are roasted, you get coffee. But what happens to the cherries that worked so hard to protect those coffee beans? Typically, the cherry is discarded once it is separated from the seed. In some cases, coffee cherries can be turned into compost and used on the farm as fertilizer.

In some instances, the cherries can be dried and brewed as a “tea.” In Ethiopia – coffee’s birthplace – the cherries have for centuries been dried and brewed as a beverage called Qishr. As coffee shrubs migrated from Africa and were eventually planted in Central and South America by the Europeans, the dried coffee cherries became referred to as Cascara – or “husk” in Spanish.

This coffee cherry comes from producing collective in the town of Planadas in the Tolima region of Colombia. Grown at around 1500 masl it consists of a mix ofCastillo and Caturra Varietals.

Tastes like- Rose hip, Hibiscus