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Seasonal Espresso

Rich Coffee Roasters

Seasonal Espresso


Our current seasonal offering for espresso is a blend of tworigins selected for the differenelements they bring to the cup. We have taken natural process Rose Diamond froBrasil fobottom end body and sweetness, and a fully washed Colombian from Planadas whicbrings us sweet milk chocolate, berry and almond notes. This current blend is designed to be a delicious smooth espresso and when combined with milk sweet chocolatey hug in a mug.

Tastes like - Sweet 70% Dark Chocolate and Cherries with medium acidity, bold body and Almond finish.


How we brewed

Dose - 18 gm

Brew Temp - 94 degreesC

Brew Time - 28 sec

Bev. Weight - 32-36 gm