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K A I N A M U  I


Process - Washed

Kainamui is situated in Ngariama location in the Gichugu division of Kirinaga County. It was established in 1963, on the flowing slopes of Mount Kenya. The Kainamui factory has 2000 members of which 1200 are men and 800 are women. These producers are very small, owning on average 200 trees. The coffee is handpicked and delivered to the wet mill for pulping. This first stage of fermentation lasts for about 24 hours, after which the beans are washed and sent to the secondary fermentation tank for 12-24 hours. This first drying stage can last 6 hours before the beans are gathered and laid in thicker layers for the remaining 5-10 days of the drying period.


Tasting notes - Cherry, Apricot and Golden Syrup